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31-st Kyokushinkai karate Summer school «Vinnytsia 2021»

22.07.21-25.07.21 12 people from the @misakdojo team attended the annual meeting under the leadership of Shikhan Oleksandr Valeryovich Goncharenko — 31st annual School "Vinnytsia-2021".

7 people took part in the examination tests and successfully passed the exams for dan and kyu degrees:​

1. Misak Arzumanyan - 2 dan 2. Felix Zinchenko - 2 cu 3. Kostyantyn Kostyuk - 2 kyu 4. Maksym Shulyak - 2 kyu 5. Mykola Ivashkovets - 3 kyu 6. Mykola Skrypnyk - 8 kyu 7. Rostislav Kushnirenko - 9 kyu

Goals are achieved. We are moving forward. We overcome difficulties on the path of Kyokushinkai karate and become stronger thanks to our senseis, mentors, like-minded people and the support of loved ones!

To everyone os! Kyokushinkai to all🥋✌️

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Місак Арзуманян

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Повернутись на головну сторінку

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