Published: 09.10.2020

Where to send the child for training? Kyokushinka karate!

Where to enroll a child for training? 💭 Kyokushin Karate! 💡
💪 Because KYOKUSHIN KARATE is the path of spiritual strength!
💪 Character comes first!
💪 Real contact in combat — COURAGE AND RESILIENCE!
💪 Code of conduct — DISCIPLINE AND MODESTY!
💪 Effective self-defense — CONFIDENCE AND READINESS!
💪 Caring for children's health!
The Kyokushin Karate school "Misak Dojo" invites children from 4 years old to join our classes!
Join us and become part of the friendly team of karate practitioners at "Misak Dojo"! Train in a modern dojo, develop the strength and spirit of a true warrior!