Published: 19.11.2017

In the dojo of Senpai Oleksandr Korolev

18th November, the karatekas of the Sports Section Kyokushin Karate "Misak Dojo" visited the dojo of Senpai Alexander Korolov for the first time, stepping outside the confines of their own training hall.
Bohdan Lukashchuk, Zhenya Vasylevskyi, Yaroslav Grinchenko, and Danylo Keibal stood in line with Oleksandr's students. The training took place in a friendly atmosphere. The set tasks were completed: the karate players completed the entire training, demonstrated their character and successfully performed kumite.

The training session concluded, and our team was graciously invited for a tea gathering. The parents of the karatekas from Alexander's dojo treated everyone to hot beverages and snacks. Casual conversations brought closer both the parents and athletes from both clubs: Alexander Korolev's and Misak Arzumanyan's.

Thank you for the warm welcome.