Published: 10.03.2019

SC "Fighter" Open Cup 2019


Today, the team of young but confident karatekas from the "Misak Dojo" club participated in the SK "Fighter" Cup for children aged 6-8 in kumite and kata categories.

The fights were intense and spectacular. Here are the results we got:

🥇 Artem Timofeev - 1st place

🥇 Maxim Loginov - 1st place

🥈 Danilo Kaybal - 2nd place

🥈 Ivan Maltsev - 2nd place

🥉 Oleg Svitlychnyi - 3rd place

🏅 Yaroslav Hryshchenko - 4th place

🏅 Artem Tikhostup - 4th place

🏅 Artem Timofeev opens the list of kumite champions and closes the list with kata - 4th place


Artem 😎 As always, confidently and swiftly paved his way to the first place and again ... achieved the victory! Great job, Toma! Keep it up! But we don't relax! Ahead are many more tournaments and many strong opponents with whom it won't be easy, but you'll handle it!

Max 🧐 Max did not qualify for kumite based on age (our Max is no longer 8 but a whole 9), but he didn't miss the opportunity and successfully debuted in kata! Technically and precisely executing each move, Max didn't give the judges a chance to deny him the first place — a true gentleman! Max is now preparing for kumite in Uman!

Danilo Kaybal 🤓 Danilo defended himself as best he could, but the opponent in the final proved to be persistent and eventually landed a mawashi on our karateka. Danilo tried various techniques, but time in the round is limited, and the mawashi came at the very end. Overall, Danilo missed the mawashi, and along with it, the first place. But it's okay, Danilo, you are strong. Just this time, you fell a bit short, but you fought with confidence. We'll keep working and use more leg techniques in the future.

Oleg 🤔 What happened with Oleg today, we don't know, but he gracefully lost the first match. However, he redeemed himself later. Oleg, you can do it! But probably today wasn't your day. But don't worry. You're a man, we know that. You're strong, and we know that! So keep pushing the karatekas in kumite as you should, and we look forward to the next competition!

Ivan Maltsev 🤠 In the first competition, Ivan lost but learned a valuable lesson. And this lesson paid off in these competitions — Ivan secured the second place. Ivan fought excellently! Technically, using various techniques. Overall, he showed class: well done!

Yarik 🤯 Yarik had a tough time this time, but he held his own! He wanted to win, really wanted! Yarik fought. Fought cleanly, combining precise and powerful punches with targeting low kicks. He had a plan. But the opponent was big and technically advanced; it was hard to get in to execute a clean valsa-ari. Let's consider this a warm-up before the competitions in Uman next week. There, Yarik will show his class! Beware, Yarik is heading to Uman!

Artemchik Tikhostup, Zakhar — we train, we train, and train again!

Your strike is your weapon, which will serve you in battle. Therefore, your task, karatekas, is to train the strike as a strike, not just swinging your legs and arms. Think about how you will win in competitions, and try to make your strikes as powerful as possible during training!
In our dojo, there are many strong karatekas. The guys train and strive, so they succeed. Remember that it all depends on you, so be brave! You have someone to train with. Everything will work out; it's a matter of time and training. All conditions are created for training. And competitions are a test of how you train!
It's simple: defeat means you train too little or poorly, victory means training is beneficial, and you are developing.

Matviy debuted! The little fighter who eagerly entered the battle had to experience many emotions and excitement, but Matviy handled them and stepped onto the tatami to fight! And how he fought, how he competed! Defeated in the battle, but not broken in spirit, Matviy will continue training to keep fighting and winning! Congratulations to Matviy on his first competition! Ahead, there will be even more victories and emotions!


We observe and rejoice in the success of each child! Winning is not easy, and losing is even harder. But everyone must face this trial. And the strong are those who, after defeat, find the opportunity to move forward and not give up.

Wishing everyone enthusiasm and new opportunities, lots of joyful moments, and victories!

Thank you, Yegor, for the support and training of our karatekas. Thanks to Ola for the organization and for being a champion! Special thanks to the parents for trusting us with your kids. Thanks to our karatekas!