Published: 22.10.2018

What can karate and the sea have in common?

Four days at the training camp of the "Misak Dojo" club in Yuzhne is the sunrise during the morning training, kata on the sandy beach, saiken on the seashell, games on the sandy slopes, swimming in the October sea, sprint running on the stairs...
The training camp took place in the city of Yuzhne, Odessa region, at the health complex "Portovik". Adequate nutrition, a stadium by the sea—more than enough for three training sessions a day. On the first day, the night journey didn't interfere with the planned events: two training sessions and a walk on the sandy slope by the sea—DONE!
The second day was decided to diversify the usual workouts with sprinting on the stairs and swimming in the sea. Only the bravest and most daring ventured into the water.
On the third day, the coaching staff did not give up and added to the usual training sessions a 1.5 km run to the city beach, kata, and once again swimming in the sea. After all, only the strongest survive! However, active recreation left its mark, andon the fourth day, there was only the traditional morning workout, and at noon, as a bonus, a light walk along the beach.

"Where do we get so much strength and energy for all these feats?" you might ask. "Well, we are students of the 'Misak Dojo' club!" we'll respond.