Published: 11.12.2018

Kyiv Open Cup 2018


This weekend, the karatekas of the 'Misak Dojo' club attended the Kyiv Open Cup 2018 competition, with the participation of 22 students from the junior, middle, and senior groups. From 9 in the morning until 6 in the evening, the karatekas competed for their results and had several matches.

And here are the results:
● 🥇 2 gold medals
● 🥈 8 silver
● 🥉 6 bronze
● 🏅 4 honorary fourth places

We are proud of the results of our students, who brought the club the third team place in terms of the number of medals received among all participants of the competition.


Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to showcase our skills, and to the parents and the senior group karatekas for their support at the competition!

We are a great team! OSY!