Published: 22.05.2018

The championship of SC "Fighter" 2018 is open

On May 20, the SK Fighter competition took place among children aged 6-12. Eight athletes from the Sports Club 'Misak Dojo' also participated.
Victories achieved by our team:
● 🥇 1st place — Danilo Keybal. Excellent debut!
● 🥇 1st place — Artem Timofeev. Second competition where the championship in the 6 years up to 30 kg category was confirmed!
● 🥈 2nd place — Oleg Svitlychny. Good debut, shared prize places in the 6 years up to 30 kg category with Artem!
● 🥈 3rd place — Ivan Vitchinov. First competition, won a prize place after the first lost fight. Good result!
● 🏅 4th place — Maxim Loginov. Second competition, fought well with hard and precise strikes, using various techniques. Next time we will definitely bring victory!
● 🏅 4th place — Yaroslav Hrinchenko. First competition, first experience: lost mawashi, adjusting the helmet during the match. Made conclusions, next time such a thing will not happen on the tatami. Going for victory!
● 🏅 4th place — Bohdan Lukashchuk. First competition, where he showed himself excellently. Cool hit with maeva geri at the end of the match, but it was not counted. So we train more to win cleanly!
● 🏅 4th place — Yevhenii Vasilevskyi. Second competition, where a little pressure was missing. We will work on powerful strikes so that the judges have no questions in evaluating clean and precise hits!
All the kids did great, showed themselves excellently on the tatami. Special thanks to those who came to support our team!
From the competition, we brought 2 first places, 1 second place, 1 third place, and 4 fourth places. All the students of the club showed themselves very worthy. Someone had stronger opponents, someone had weaker ones, but everyone did great! We gained a huge experience and understood what we need to work on and what to aim for next.
We continue to work in the same spirit! We find an opportunity to attend not only workouts but also meetings, competitions, and other sports events. Every hour of spent time brings us closer to victory over ourselves, over the opponent, over laziness, over the tablet, and other not very useful things:) Medals are a reward for your efforts!