Published: 05.02.2019

What are fees and why are they needed?

Twice a year, in summer and winter, the karatekas of the 'Misak Dojo' club participate in Training Camps under the guidance of Shihan Oleksandr Valeriyovych Honcharenko in Vinnytsia.
Four days of intensive training + belt examinations.
Usually, during the training camps, we:
● interact with a large number of black belts from all over Ukraine,
● work with karate practitioners of different levels,
● immerse ourselves in the culture of karate,
● learn new techniques,
● test our strength and endurance.

Even this time wasn't an exception. Despite a small team and the absence of a sensei, the students took part in the Winter School 'Vinnytsia 2019.' All karatekas from the senior and middle groups successfully passed the exams: Ivan (8 kyu), Artem (9 kyu), Yura (8 kyu), Olya (9 kyu). Congratulations to the karatekas on passing the exams, and we wholeheartedly wish them success and new achievements on the path of Kyokushin karate!