Kyiv Cup in the kata section

On October 24, 2021, the traditional tournament took place - the 4th Cup of Kyiv with Kyokushin Karate in the "KATA" section.

164 athletes from Kyiv and Kyiv region took part in the tournament.

Our awards:
🥇Baikalov Ruslan
🥇Crimean Ivan
🥇Kaminska Anna
🥇Burak Evangia

🥈Lisenko Artem
🥈True Timur

🥉Vilenska Vladislava
🥉Kupriyanov Daniil
🥉Kolosov Bogdan

🏅Titorchuk Alexander
🏅Valyavsky Maxim
🏅Butenko Dima

Well done! Kata is a part of a fighter's training. We teach kata and make kata in competitions to be stronger👌🥋