31-st Kyokushinkai karate Summer school «Vinnytsia 2021»

07.22.21-07.25.21 @misakdojo with 12 people visited the annual camp led by shihan Alexander Valerievich Goncharenko — the 31st Summer School "Vinnitsa-2021".

7 people took part in the exams and successfully passed the dan and kyu exams:

1. Misak Arzumanyan - 2nd dan
2. Felix Zinchenko - 2nd kyu
3. Konstantin Kostyuk - 2 kyu
4.Maxim Shulyak - 2 kyu
5. Nikolay Ivashkovets - 3rd kyu
6. Nikolay Skrypnik - 8th kyu
7. Rostislav Kushnirenko - 9th kyu

The goals are being achieved. We're going forward. We overcome difficulties on the way of Kyokushinkai karate and become stronger thanks to our sensei, mentors, like-minded people and the support of loved ones!